Global Students Competition
➲ 12 winning students
Archi-World® Academy 2017 - 2019 - IV edition

1. Criteria of Eligibility and Restrictions


The competition is open to students in architecture worldwide. There is no age limit applied. The projects may be carried out individually or in groups, with no restriction on the number of members of the team. It is allowed to present a project made by a team but the team leader name will have to be mentioned upon submission since in case of prize award, he/she will be the one invited for the traineeship and awarding ceremony. Students can each register up to 5 projects. Students can present projects as long as they can prove the status of student. Not complying to this statement may result in cancellation of the prize.




The following entrants will not be eligible to take part in the competition:
- Any individual or organization related to the promoting organization, such as members of the advisory committee or sponsored researchers, and anyone professionally associated with the promoter;
- Members of the competition jury and organizing staff, or any person to whom a member of the jury acts as director, supervisor or adviser;
- Any person directly or indirectly involved in the management of the competition.

2. Free Registration

No fee or other payment will be required for entering projects.



3. Topic: "Building in Smart Cities"

All projects, ideas and concepts will be accepted if in accordance with the contest topic.


Building Smart Cities will take into consideration parameters such as :
- Ability to design organised living spaces in medium, large to very large cities
- Enhancing well-being in new constructions and renovations
- Respect of the natural environment
- Integration of the new construction in the built environment taking into consideration cultural and social contexts
- Priority given to the use of local materials and know-how
- Eco-efficiency parameters for the reduction of energy consumption and ideal thermal performance.
- Vision and programming about re-use, renovation and recycling



4. Language

The proposals can be presented in any language but a short description (max 1000 words) in English is mandatory.


5. Awards and prizes


12 traineeships will be offered by the Archi-World® Academy Awards. Each member of the jury will independently select its favorite project. The student related to that project will be invited to join the architect’s team for a traineeship period of 4 to max 6 months. The traineeship period will be agreed between the architecture practice and the student. The student will receive the same fee as the one usually granted by the local architecture practice.



- Student winners will have 4 weeks from announcement to notify they are accepting the traineeship. Should the student decline this opportunity, ArchiWorld reserves the right to transfer the traineeship to the second rated student and invite this student for the awarding ceremony instead of the one previously selected. Besides, no alternative traineeship or any type compensation will be granted.
- Should the practice where the student won the traineeship be unable for any reason to grant the traineeship in due time, ArchiWorld will immediately put another equivalent traineeship at the student’s disposal.



All the winners will benefit from a huge visibility and will have their winning project presented on the Awacademy website ( and will have a full presentation published in Archi-Europe’s digital newsletter Archi-News®, sent to over 125.000 architects who will have the opportunity to discover your project and your skills!


The concepts/projects will also be published in our Archi-News® magazine.


All the student winners having accepted to perform the traineeship will be invited to Munich, during the BAU construction fair, on 16 January 2019 for the awarding ceremony in order to collect the diploma and present the winning project.


6. Documents and Graphic Materials Required

All projects, ideas and concepts will be accepted if in accordance with the contest topic.

Written Description (one A4 detailed technical description + optional one A4 motivation brief)


Download an example/template in Word how to prepare the A4 description of your project.


Graphic description (three (3) DIN A-3 panels)

Site plans, floor plans, elevations, sections, perspective drawings, photographs of physical or digital models and axonometric drawings at any scale and descriptive texts explaining the project are allowed. A short description (max 1000 words) in English is mandatory.


Download an example/template in Word how to prepare the A3 board of your project.


Proposals must without exception be sent in digital form and uploaded through the contest form.


7. The Jury

The jury is composed of 12 worldwide renowned architects: Mr Branimir Medić, Mrs Lone Wiggers, Mr Sebastian Moreno-Vacca, Mr Gerhard Landau, Mrs Stéphanie Ledoux, Mr Nico Engel, Mr Philippe Van Goethem, Mr Renato Rizzi, Mr Ángel Luis Tendero, Mr Jean-François Chevance, Mr Onat Öktem, Mr Viggo Haremst.


8. Submission of Proposals

It is allowed to upload your panels and edit them from Monday 6 November 2017 until Monday 1st October 2018 midnight on the competition website.

How to proceed ?
  1. register via the online application form, see below and you will receive afterwards an email containing the registration number of your project (please note that each project has its own registration number so, if you wish to upload more than one project, please mention this when you register in first place)

  2. prepare your project and do not forget to mention the registration number. There are templates available about how to prepare the submission.

  3. merge the A3 pages into a single PDF file. Proceed the same way for the A4 pages

  4. upload both PDF files via the online submission form, see link below. In the third field (‘upload other document’) you have the possibility to upload additional information like pictures or sketches in a .zip file


Competition is closed





9. Announcement of the winners

Winners will be personally contacted by mail or by telephone in November 2018 and will be published after the awarding ceremony on 16 January 2019.


10. Awarding ceremony

The awarding ceremony will take place on 16 January 2019 at BAU 2019 Exhibition (Munich) in the presence of the members of the jury. Each participant will receive a free entry ticket for the Archi-World® Awarding Ceremony.


11. Complaints

All enquiries or complaint must be sent to the following address:

Jury’s decisions are unquestionable.




how prepare your project


awarding ceremony


jury members











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